Sunday, 2 October 2016

Joining Science and Maths Together

Joining Science and Maths together in a Junior Room could be a cause for concern, but we had fun trying this experiment.

We needed 10 skittles each, a plastic plate per group,  some warm water, a stop watch

Skittles, science and Maths

  •  We got into groups of 3 - we did some skip counting in 3's. A bit tricky seeing as we've been                        skip counting in 2's
  • We got 10 skittles each - How many skittles in our group . . . counting in 10's.   ( 10, 20, 30,)   What if there were 5 in our group, how many skittles would there be
  • We made a repeating pattern with our own skittles. (we may have ended up with 3 different                                                patterns on our group plate or one large repeating pattern)
  • We practiced counting slowly so we were all similar. We had to see how long it took for the plate to cover with the coloured water we created. It was too hard for us to use a stop watch

                                                               Then we had some fun.


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