Sunday, 2 October 2016

Independent Maths Activities

Lock and keys activity.
The children have to open a lock with the correct key.
Once this happens they read the equation they have just created. (the first part of the equation is written on the key tag and the answer is on the lock). The full equation is then written down on the whiteboard. This activity has proven to be very popular. Checking can be done at any time and any equations that need revisiting can be followed up with, without any hassles.  the equations  on the key tags can be changed easily enough whenever needed

A new pattern is created on the peg boards
and the new equation created is written on the whiteboard.


.5 patterns can be created and their equations recorded in this independent activity

The digits 1 - 5 can be written at the top of the whiteboard to help with the correct writing of these digits.

 It is also easy to rewrite any equations we need revisit    

Peg Board Sums 
        The children make a pattern using two different peg colours.                                  

They then record the equation for their pattern on the whiteboards.                               


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