Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Our Meal Stories

We are writing stories about going somewhere for a meal or having someone around for a meal.
We trying  to say Who?  Where?  What it was and what it was like.

I went to the  play  ground  with   mun    and  dad.
We   had  fish   and    chips   and  water.
We  sat at  the  picnic   table.    
by Ain

I went to McDonalds with Dad and Mum.
I had chicken nuggets.
They are yummy.
by Jacob

My Dad bought some pizza and took it home and I ate the pizza.
The pizza was scrumptious.
by Skye

I stayed at home and my friends came to my house and had lunch.
by Brianna

I went to McDonalds with Dad Mum and Jake.
I had a hamburger happy meal and it was yummy.
by Ryan

I went to a cafe with Dad and Grandad.
And I had curly fries and a bun.
It was scrumptious.
by Penny

I went to McDonalds.
My burger was yummy.
by William

I went to the cafe.
My Dad felt angry because my Dad didn't like the place.
I had pizza and some fries.
by Ciara

Nana came  to my house because she was having a sleepover.
by Jade.

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